The Hopelessness Of Logic

by Transcendent Device

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SCAR 001

Originally released on cassette in edition of 50 copies.

-NoVisible Scars first release
-Viscerally bleak cinematic dark ambiance.
-First ever Transcendent Device cassette release of unreleased material after a 2 year hiatus.
-Sounds constructed solely without the use of keyboards, samplers, and or computers.
-Inspired by: The "void", Personal Tradegy/Loss, Tibetan meditative sounds, Steven Jesse Bernstein.

"This release was radiating hardly describable sadness, emptiness and despair after I've examined the packaging, even without listening to the sounds. The album is related to personal tragedy and recorded not long after it. Personal touches in music always add some different feeling to a release. The author of this album - Michael Todd. His name is mentioned in a musical world since the middle of the last decade. He played live with Deathpile, opened shows for Atrax Morgue, Intrinsic Action etc. But when looking at his discography - it is not that big. This cassette - first full length release of Transcendent Device after two years hiatus. I am not acquainted with the other albums of the project, but "The Hopelessness of logic" is strange and peculliar. Absolutely grim, cold and empty release and it is quite difficult to put out thoughts in these huge reverbed spaces. Spaces, filled with drone melodies that does not evolve anywhere; they suddenly start and suddenly end; tracks that you live through only at the very moment you are listening to them and after several minutes of silence you cannot remember and repeat the melodies and consonances even in your thoughts. Only mood is left with you. One more weird thing is the length of pieces. Drone ambient tracks are usually very long and when it comes to cassettes they like to take the whole side for one track. It is different with this album. Here they are rather short. It's strange when the theme that was just starting to develop, is interrupted and we are moving to the next theme. That's like a torture, but I like it that way. You cannot enjoy these heavy lines of sounds (there are places where it seems that the source of sound for this album was a guitar) that hides and covers the pain with grim. You cannot enjoy that short wander within your thoughts. You cannot enjoy even that emptiness in this album. The construction of the album does not let you to. We are all here for a moment... Every thought, piece of visuals, track lasts just an instant in this frozen depressive field of ice. There is only one song that is a little noisier - "the walls have teeth", but that storm also continues just for a couple of minutes and sinks in despair. Whether I liked this release or not it is yet another question. When you are deep in the mood of the album, try to understand the inspirations for creating it or simply give up to be carried away by the emptiness, this cassette is perfect. And I like it that way. Absolute minimalism and opaque greyness on my eyes. Could music, taken alone, create such a strong mood? That's a different question. For now, while listening to this album I want to shrivel up and exist here. Buoy in the feeling that this emotional record gave me. Without thoughts. Without illusions."
Levas" TeRRoR zine


released September 15, 2009



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