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Shaun Black
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Shaun Black This song is the most blatant example of Filosofem worship I've ever heard in my life! And I fuckin' like it! Favorite track: Some One...Everyone...No One....
Andrew Green
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Andrew Green Acoustics and blackened noise. Relatively simple, yet not repetitive or boring. Heard this referred to as "Filosofem worship," which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since I liked that album too. Really enjoy the acoustic interludes between the buzzsaw guitar work. Favorite track: Our Shrine.


A new project from M. Krutsinger(ex-IN MEMORIUM) & M. Nihilist(ex-IN MEMORIUM, LORD GORE, ABAZAGORATH). Minimal industrial black metal. The project draws influence/comparisons to Burzum's "Filosofem" , Mysticum, and a bit of Type O Negatives "Slow Deep And Hard".

SLUMBER ROOM - Under The Dying Moon video:

Late Dec/early Jan release. 100 copies. Clear cassette with yellow ink housed in clear cassette case.

Digital download funds go straight to the funding of the release.


released October 31, 2012

SLUMBER ROOM-"2012 Sessions"
Music written & recorded betwixt Fall 2011 thru April 2012
Vocals recorded July 2012
Music: M.K./Vox: M.N.
Recorded & Mastered @ Orb Audio 10/11-8/12 Seattle,Washington by M. Krutsinger
Cover & Mausoleum photos executed 2007 via Chris Mortado (

M. Krutsinger- Thunder,Grit,Distortion,Aura,Aquarius,Omega
M. Nihilist- Shrieks,Incantations,Voices,Whispers,Sagittarius,Alpha

Band photos by: Jennifer Patik

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Track Name: Some One...Everyone...No One...
Standing naked & cold
Ravaged by the winds
Hearing tender voices of humiliation
Summoned by her siren like calls
Into the tempest...the great storm...your titan force
Giant descent into her abyss
Scars scream my name
Blackened,Deprived of any trust
Serpent strangle the hopelessness away!

Exhausted by your lack of devotion
Plastic perfection
Bleeding me dry
Ignored the writing on the wall
Ignored the writing on all 4 walls
Just need to be alone
Serpent strangle the hopelessness away!

Risking my see your eyes one more time

Someone....Everyone....No One...No One...No One...No One...
Track Name: Under The Dying Moon
As the vermin crawl out of their slumber
Shadows cover the earth
As flames burn ever so high

Disease & decay

Rotting bodies litter the ground
An abyss that grows wider & wider & wider
Like the mouth of a whore
A gaping wound that will never heal
Towards the sinister blooms
Under a dying moon

Maggots writhe in ecstasy
Dancing upon cold dead bodies
The Abyss haunts my every move
As, as I sink ????????????

As the moon descends into the mouth of venus
Disturbing solar harmony
The orchids fall into the mouth of madness
Rain falling down the glass
Like the the tears evacuating your eyes
Pounding away at my skull
Come now, cometh the storm

Towards the sinister blooms
Under a dying moon
Disease & decay
Track Name: Stellar Death Rites
Lessons of mortality
Echoed in the death of stars
Depleted fuel,glowing giant,wounded giant

Stellar tomb,monumental monolith
Swirling nebula
Delicate palette vanished into nothing

Death rite, Stellar death rites...Supernovae
Stability, collapse
Celestial Death Spasm
Celestial Death Coil