by Scorched-Earth



New tracks and unfortunately last recordings. Featuring Scorched-Earth's newest lineup. Sure to please fans of Venom, Sodom, Motorhead, early Bathory, Destroyer 666, Speedwolf and Midnight!


released December 4, 2012

Terry McCorriston - Vocals/Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Matt Fields- Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Blaeden Charette - Drums
Zach Palmer - Bass

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PO Box 16006
Seattle, WA 98116 USA

Thy Kingdom Crushed (2000)
Gods, Kings & Conquerors (2003)
Devils In Iron (2007)
Mars (2010)



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NoVisible Scars Connecticut

CD, cassette and vinyl label. Inspired by the 80's and early 90's METAL/INDUSTRIAL cassette culture and tape trading underground, 70's Euro Cult/Exploitation/Porn films and vintage horror/monster comics/graphic novels/artwork . Tapes/Lp's feature homemade packaging and limited pressings. ... more

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Track Name: Thy Kingdom Doomed/Marauders
Conspiracy of 2000 years
Bloodline preserved by the Grail
Sacred incest to produce our lord
Holy endeavor can't possibly fail
Harken to your lord and master, alll-knowing and wise
Puppeteer of world events, leaders in his vise
Pay sharp heeds as he vomits commands, he is the father divine
Swear allegiance, uphold all faith for the coming foretold endtime
No way in Hell this plot can succeed
The council is far out of touch
For once they unveil their mongoloid messiah
All nations erupt in fire
So I'm the one to get the job done, quietly rise throught the ranks
Learn all the secrets, absorb all the lore, stockpile up for my personal war
Behind the glare of my pentacled eye, my own plot takes its form
Sacredly execute the Messiah and usurp the Allfather's throne
Blood sign, blood line, blood sworn, blood torn
Blood sign, blood line, blood sworn, blood torn
Harken to your all father, for it is me
Prop up a new Messiah, one which I control
Heaven exists, but it's irrelevant to my plans for an everlasting reign
Gaze upon my star-scarred eye, gaze on the face of war!
Track Name: Harken To Your Allfather
The clouds have parted on the apocalypse
Sun shining down on our mayhemic bliss
Raiding the roaming of all earthly gains
Littering the highway with blood, guts and brains
Chorus: No world order, the road is our life
"Kill, drink and fuck", our mantra of might
Laying the torch to these struggling towns
Bullets to the heads of these jokers and clowns
Pile up the bodies, burn them to ash
Pass around the beer for the post-raiding bash
(repeat chorus)
The lord ain't our shepard, we stole all his flock
Forces of darkness running amok
Trust in our bikes, guns, and bandoliers
No one can stop us, your luck stops here
(repeat chorus)